Friday, December 30, 2016

BoB's mouth prototyped

So the standard 3D print for the BoB robot comes with eight 3mm holes for the robot's mouth.  I've got some flat topped 3mm leds that go perfectly in these holes, so I figured that's what I'd do with them.  I want to be able to make patterns on the array and so need to be able to individually light each led.  Doing this directly with the Arduino eats up all the available I/O, and doesn't leave any room for expansion, so I got some MCP23008 I/O expander chips.  I figured I'd be making a custom board to handle the leds, so I ordered the SOIC package from Digikey.  I got a chance to work with them today and using an Adafruit SMT breakout pcb for SOIC I breadboarded the circuit and used the Adafruit supplied MCP23008 library to write some Larson scanner software.

The next step is to design and fabricate a custom board to fit the chip, leds, resistors, and all the connections into BoB's head.  After that he gets "eyes" with an ultrasonic sensor.

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