Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pre Alpha 4 Release Complete

The pre-alpha 4 release ran all night last night so I guess it's ready for prime time. I skipped over releasing the pre-alpha 3 release because it was just architectural changes and didn't include any functional changes over the pre-alpha 2 release.

This release implements the same goat / grass model, with one important improvement - Memes are now subject to point mutation when they are transmitted from Morph to Morph. The mutations are currently confined to the constant number leaf nodes within the Meme process. To illustrate what this means in terms of the model, the "turn" Meme which is initialized with the process [TRN [SUB [RND 360] 180]] - this gets translated to "ask morphs [ right ((random 360) - 180)]" - the numbers 360 and 180 are subject to mutation. The rate of mutation is controled by the mu slider - with .02 meaning the value of the mutation can be at most plus or minus .01 from the current value.

In last night's run, the values in the "turn" meme evolved from 360 and 180 to 44 and 23 after approximately 275,000 ticks. I will post the code on SourceForge later today.

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