Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morphs can share ideas

The things I've accomplished since my last post:
  • Finished and debugged routines for transmitting and receiving memes
  • I've implemented "morphs here" and "objects here" sensors
  • I've enhanced the mini-language to include primitives for meme transmission and morph detection
  • I simplified the existing default meme to only drive movement
  • I wrote a new meme to transmit all memes to all other morphs on the same patch
  • I changed the initialization code to put the default memes only into one morph
The resulting prototype models a simple exponential spread within a fixed population.

Next steps:
  • Set up a Sourceforge project to make the source code accessible
  • Add object manipulation to the morph capability and the mini-language
  • Write a third meme to do some simple object manipulation
  • Update the prototype to demonstrate object manipulation

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