Sunday, November 10, 2013

Flexibot 0.1 Update

Here's a short post to show the progress I've made on the flexibot development. I've been spending the majority of my time lately fixing things around the house, and haven't put a lot of effort into the project, but the first version is now what I'd call complete.

First off, I finished re-tooling the development platform by getting some little cable connectors made by Du-bro, cutting an adapter for an aluminum tubing leg on my ShapeOko, and making a terrible looking, but functional bent tubing leg.  The resulting robot has one active leg with two degrees of freedom, and demonstrates that a Sugru flexible link joint will support at least a little weight (this one is lifting four AAA ni-cad batteries) and is useful for walking.

I didn't edit the video down, so it's kind of long - sorry about that.  It does showcase most of what flexibot 0.1 can do right now.  I hope you enjoy, at least part of it.

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