Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday Hacking Bender - Day 2

For today's project, I wanted to get up from my electronics desk, and get into the wood shop.  My wife has been asking for a jewelry box, so I decided to try to do it in a single day using a technique called a "band saw box".  This technique takes all the complex design and joinery out of building a box with drawers.  I drew my design free hand directly on the wood, then made all the cuts on my band saw, again free hand.
Even though it's a lot easier than flat panel construction, it's still wood working, and demands a certain precision.  I took some shortcuts here and there and paid for it later when I screwed up the bottom half of the box so badly I had to cut it off and throw it away.  Yes, the original design had four drawers.  I made the decision to take this drastic step about 5:00 pm this evening, and I was about ready to bag the whole project and call today a fail.  I'm glad I didn't give up, because even as it is the box brought a smile to my wife's face.  Although her first comment was "You do realize it's not big enough, right?"
Well, that's all for tonight.  Tomorrow I pick the soldering iron back up.

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