Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holiday Hacking Bender - Day 4

What you see is the result of today's efforts from the electronics department. Things went pretty well there, and I feel pretty good about the build. The brown board on the left is obviously an Arduino clone. I build the little "micro shield" to provide a robust plug in for an I2C interface. The little green board on the right holds an MLX90614ESF-AAA Infrared Temperature Sensor. It's connected to the micro shield with an upcycled USB cable, so the sensor can be some distance from the Arduino.  Right now it's just running an example sketch I shamelessly stole from  Then, not being satisfied with stealing only a little I went out to an Australian Robotics site I found through ThingSpeak and stole some more code to post the temperature data to a channel on ThingSpeak.

So, the electronics department delivered, and the software department, after having been abused by assembly language programming all day yesterday, lost all sense of moral direction and stole everything, so in a way they delivered.  The manufacturing guys though, just couldn't pull it off today.  I had intended to build a desk lamp like articulated arm to hold the temperature sensor in varying places and orientations.  I got the design done, the g-code is even available, but my CNC just would not cut the parts.  After two attempts, each of which took more than an hour of cutting time. I decided to just give up.  I think the machine has a problem with static build up or is haunted, because on longer cuts it just intermittently looses its mind.

Anyway, that's all for day four, see you again tomorrow.

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