Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Hacking Bender - Day Three

Today was a lot more fun than yesterday.  I installed new sensors and software on my little red robot.  I read a definition for what a robot is the other day that I really liked more than any other definition I've ever heard.  The definition didn't have anything to do with technology or autonomy, it simply said that any machine with enough personality to be given it's own name is a robot.  I care for and watch over many small machines others might call robots, but only a select few have earned names.

I bought this red magician chassis just to see what a fifteen dollar robot chassis would look like.  I'm kind of stuck on the red now, and I keep tinkering with the little guy trying to coax something really endearing out of him.  I made some progress today, and with the new sensors opened some new paths for him.  Maybe someday he'll earn a name.

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